Breastfeeding Foods To Avoid

Motherhood is the most wonderful as well as most blissful state in this world, which every woman goes through be it only for once in her lifetime. Sometimes women get dizzy on carrying their own baby in their arms for the first time along with breastfeeding them. But you need to ensure that the milk which is nourishing your child is healthy. This is the reason due to which nursing mothers are directed by their doctors to follow a diet that is well balanced in nature as well as nutrients.

Anything unhealthy you put in your body may adversely affect the child. The early signs of its body rejecting your breast milk can be too much spitting, fussiness, vomiting, rashes, colic as well as congestion. Therefore, there are some things a woman must avoid the intake of, while her breastfeeding period. During breastfeeding foods to avoid are the broccoli, chocolate, citrus fruits, coffee, garlic, spicy foods, alcohol, corn, peanuts, wheat, eggs, shellfish, soya, fish, parsley as well as the peppermint.

These foods have been asked to be limited or completely removed from the nursing mother’s diet by even grandmothers since a long time. But there are a few specific reasons for it. If we take the broccoli, it is said to increase the baby’s fussiness during nighttime. To see whether or not this super food is the culprit, avoid it totally. Once when the baby’s flatulence is fixed, start taking it again in your meals in small portions. The coffee and chocolates are asked to be avoided due to their high caffeine content.

They may also result in baby’s fussiness. In the case of citrus foods, the GI tract of a growing baby gets irritated by some of the compounds present in this food group. This results in harsh diaper rashes and increased spitting-up of the baby. In the case of garlic, you need to be careful, as this warm spice can change the taste of your milk. It is seen that garlic flavored milk many a times gets rejected by the babies. Spices in body in excess amounts will of course be leading to a greater fussiness in your child’s body and the peppermint is enough to reduce the quantity of milk produced by a woman who is nursing her baby.

All the dairy as well as poultry products are asked to be avoided because of the suspected allergies in the baby as well as the high levels of mercury found in the poultry products which may harm the infants. During breastfeeding foods to avoid should be kept in constant check.