Breast Feeding and Implants

Having children may be something that is not in your immediate future, but when you eventually have them, you will have to decide whether to breast or bottle feed. This is usually a concern you don’t consider until after you are with child, however you need to think about it today if you have plans of getting breast implants any time soon. You should be informed of the risks of breast feeding after you have breast implant surgery.

Breast Implants and Feeding Risks

While many women experience no issues with breast feeding after having had breast implant surgery, there is a significant number of the population that will not be able to breast feed any longer due to damage of the milk ducts and nerves. After any type of breast enhancement surgery, there is always that risk of heightened sensitivity in the nipples. This can make breastfeeding extremely painful.

Mastitis is the result of the breast tissue becoming sensitive and swelling to the point that a hard lump can appear within the surface of the breast. Fever and chills can accompany this condition if the area becomes infected.

Depending on where the doctor made the incision for the breast surgery, if the milk supply were to become damaged, the appropriate amount of milk will not be able to seep out any longer. This results in those women having to either bottle feed half the time or completely switch to bottle feeding because the breasts are unable to produce milk any longer. As a result, your baby could be missing out on all the benefits that are inherent with breast feeding.

You have to ask yourself today, “Are bigger boobs worth that to you and your baby?”

The Benefits of Breast Feeding Your Baby

If you decide that bigger breasts are more important right now than breast feeding your baby, you should be informed as to all those benefits that you will be depriving the baby of when it comes time to giving them milk.

Your breast milk is free of all preservatives, causing no harm to the baby. The same can not be said for store bought formula.

When you breast feed your baby, you help to fight off deadly diseases and reduce the chance of them getting infections. Breast fed babies tend to be much more happier and healthier than those who drink formula consistently.

In babies from one month to one year, breast feeding reduces the risk of death by over 20%.

The milk from your breasts has essential vitamins and nutrients that are an important part of the development of your baby in those first six months.

A baby that is breast-fed will develop into a healthier adult. Babies fed from a bottle have a higher risk of developing Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. The breast milk has healing qualities that provide a layer of protection in the intestinal tract of your baby. That will help benefit them later in life, protecting them from a variety of different diseases.

Children who were breast-fed routinely have higher IQ testing scores. These children also have a much deeper connection to the mother.

One of the reasons this can be a challenging decision for most women is because there are benefits to getting breast implants. Women with breast implants have lower stress levels, less likely to have post-pardon depression, and less likely to get cancer.

How Can You Enjoy Bigger Breasts and No Risks

There are ways to increase the tone and firmness of your breasts without having to risk surgery. If you are interested in taking a safer route for you and the baby, consider using a breast enlargement cream like Naturaful or Brestrogen. These breast enhancement creams will not harm you now, and more importantly will not cause any issues with your baby in the future.