Breastfeeding in Public: How to Do It with Confidence

As a new mother, you may be experiencing moments of doubt and insecurity. Rest assured, this is normal and experienced by most new mothers. One of the issues that may be causing you worry and discomfort is the issue of breastfeeding in public.

Most women are extremely uncomfortable when faced with the prospect of exposing a very private area of their body in public on a regular basis. From the time we are young, women are told that is taboo to expose our breasts in public. However, now that we are faced with the responsibility of feeding a baby, it is suddenly acceptable to bare a breast in public.

This is often a difficult and uncomfortable subject to broach with family and friends. However, they may be able to provide you with tips that worked for them when they were breastfeeding.

Some tried and true practices that will help you feel more comfortable with breastfeeding in public include:

  • Proudly telling people in your immediate area that you will be breastfeeding. This will allow them to leave if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Wearing separates that will allow you to remain mostly covered while breastfeeding.
  • Draping a blanket over your shoulder. This may make you feel more comfortable as it does provide you with some privacy.
  • Moving to a more private area of the location where you may fee more comfortable. If you are in a mall, you may want to move to a bench on the side so that you will not feel as if you are on display.
  • Feeding your baby when you notice the first signs of hunger. A screaming, fussy, or upset baby will garner much unwanted attention. This attention may remain while you are breastfeeding.
  • Practicing breastfeeding at home, either in front of a mirror or in front of a family member. You can perfect your technique in private until you feel comfortable with breastfeeding in public.
  • Staring back at anyone who is staring at you. They will either realize they are being rude or they will be made to feel uncomfortable. Either way, they will stop staring at you.
  • Asking to use a dressing room when you are at a store. These rooms are more sanitary than the public restroom. In fact, some department stores have rooms that are available to nursing mothers.

Once you become more comfortable with breastfeeding, your concerns with breastfeeding in public will dissipate. You will soon find yourself comfortable nursing your baby whenever the need arises.